Security Labels 

Security labels are becoming increasingly common in business. A security label is basically a tamper-evident label which can be applied to an item and if the label is tampered with, definite evidence of the tampering remains. 
The two main types of security labels are void labels and destructible labels. 

Void Labels 

Void labels can be affixed to just about any flat surface. They adhere to the substrate material very well and offer excellent durability characteristics. If anyone tries to remove the void label from the product to which it is attached the word ‘VOID’ remains on the product. The peeled part of the label cannot be reused or reattached. 

Destructible Labels 

Destructible labels are usually made from self-destructive vinyl. If anyone tampers with this type of label the label will split apart in sections leaving it instantly recognisable that tampering has taken place. The broken sections of the label cannot be reaffixed. 
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